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Why choose Harrison Beds and Mattresses?

Why choose Harrison Beds and Mattresses?

At Bed-e-Buys bed store we pride ourselves on selling quality beds and mattresses and deal with over 20 manufacturers, all producing great value and well made beds that offer you the possibility of the perfect night's sleep. One of the largest and most famous of all our suppliers is Harrison Beds. They not only offer quality design tailored to the size and firmness that suits you, but upholstered to your taste too!

Let's start from the beginning... Harrison rear their own prize sheep which provide them with luxurious pure-grade British wool that go into many of their beds. They grow their own environmentally friendly materials, like hemp and flax on their North Yorkshire farm too, used in many of their mattresses. Each bed and mattress is hand side-stitched, so your body is held in the ideal posture even at the outermost edges. Inside their beds you will find springs-within-springs and high density pocket springs, some made with titanium alloy wire, providing the most innovative support technology you will find anywhere in the world today.

Harrison beds are completely tailored to you and adapt to the contours of your body, helping to keep your spine aligned no matter what your sleeping position. They can even tailor each side of the same mattress to a different level of firmness if the needs of you and your partner differ!

New to Harrison's collection of beds are the Amber 6700, the Onyx 7700, the Ruby 8700, the Emerald 10700, the Sapphire 12700 and the Diamond 14800

The figures next to the name on the beds above refer to the amount of springs used in the mattress and True Edge base combined. Most combine Harrison's HD lightweight titanium alloy springs and Revolution spring system which work side by side providing greater support. The mattresses are all equipped with Allergy Free Warm Side/ Cool Side technology so your body temperature can be regulated all year round.

Once you've determined your interior comfort you can then choose the exterior colour palette to complete your bespoke experience from Harrison. Click here to see full range.

In our Bed-e-Buys showroom we have over twelve Harrison beds and mattresses on display for you to experience and have full details and knowledge on the complete range available. Call us now on 01992 467 345 to talk to one of our sales staff and bring yourself one step close to finding the perfect bed for the perfect night's sleep.

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