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The Seven Year Switch

The Seven Year Switch

If you’re having trouble getting settled and falling to sleep at night, or if you find yourself tossing and turning during the night it may be time to check the age of your bed and mattress. Wear and tear on a mattress over the years can lead to it not being as supportive as it once was, which in turn can mean a less restful sleep for you.

Time for a new bed?

The Sleep Council recommends that if you want to optimise your sleep to ensure that you feel good, look good and get more out of life, you should consider replacing your bed every seven years.

It can be surprising how quickly time passes, and you may not realise just how old your bed is. Even though your bed may look okay, it may no longer be giving you the support or comfort you need for a healthy, refreshing night’s sleep.

Here’s seven reasons why you need a new bed every seven years:


1. An old bed is less comfortable than a new one

A study by The Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) showed beds that were just six years old could offer significantly less support and comfort than a new one, thanks to wear and tear.

2. A new bed could be more effective than sleeping pills!

Research by leading sleep expert Dr Chris Idzikowski, which measured the amount and quality of sleep people were getting on a new bed compared to their old one, found that, when replacing an uncomfortable bed, a new bed was associated with an increase of 42 minutes sleep.

3. You’ll get a better quality of sleep

French scientists recently undertook a study to compare sleep on a new bed versus an old bed and found that both young and old people enjoyed much better-quality sleep. Although their sleep was not necessarily longer, they experienced less disturbed and more recuperative sleep with less tossing and turning.

4. On average we lose half a pint of fluid each night

A bit gross but true - we lose up to half a pint (284ml) or more of fluid each night while we sleep. That’s a combination of sweat and drool – which our beds have to absorb!

5. Your bed is probably full of dust mites

Another pretty gross fact is that we shed an average of 1.3oz (10g) of skin per week, with most of it being shed in our bed while we sleep. That adds up to 1lb (520g) of dead skin per year! A combination of a warm and moist environment, coupled with a ready food source (those skin scales) makes your bed an ideal habitat for dust mites.

6. Your bad back will improve

Four out of every five adults (80%) experiences back pain at some stage in their life. A US study comparing sleep experience on a new mattress with mattresses over five years old found that back pain sufferers reported a 63% improvement after sleeping on a new bed.

7. You may need a bigger bed

You may not realise it but a standard double bed (4ft 6in) gives each person just 2ft 3in of space to sleep – which is less than a baby gets in a cot! And as your partner disturbing you is one of the most common complaints for poor sleep, it may be time to trade up to a Queen or King size bed. It could do wonders for your sleep and your relationship!

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