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The Many Benefits of Metal Beds

The Many Benefits of Metal Beds

Buying a new bed is an important purchase. After all, you spend almost a third of your asleep so it’s important to make sure your bed is comfortable, providing you with the best possible quality od sleep. Whilst the mattress is a very important part of your bed, you must also ensure that you have a good quality, solid bed frame to meet your body’s needs. Though not as important, it’s always nice to choose a bed that is aesthetically pleasing and will enhance the overall appearance of your bedroom too.

The most popular type of bed frames are either wooden or metal. However, metal bed frames can often be cheaper than wood and allow you to spend more of your budget on a better quality mattress.

Metal bed frames tend to be more simple, sleek and stylish and more often than not, they are also cheaper than the wooden alternative. You can also have a headboard and footboard attached for added style.

Benefits of choosing a metal bed

There are many benefits of choosing a metal bed, which we will outline below. We’ve also chosen some examples from our range of Swanglen Metal Beds, one of our best selling and most popular metal bed manufacturers. Swanglen is a British company offering high quality and good value in a range of classic and contemporary styles and with a choice of finishes to suit any décor.


Metal bed frames are made to last for a long period of time and can put up with a lot of wear and tear. Metal is an inherently strong material and will last for years, which means that you’ll likely need to change the mattress long before the bed frame needs replacing.

The Swanglen Kensington Metal Headboard is a durable, modern styled metal headboard that’s available in eight different finishes including hammered white gold, hammered silver, textured bronze, textured cream, textured white, pink, blue, and textured black and silver.

Find out more about the Swanglen Kensington Metal Headboard


Unlike wooden bed frames, metal bed frames can be easily and conveniently assembled and dismantled. This makes it easier to move beds from one room to another, or when guests come to stay.

The Swanglen multibed base is an outstanding space saving bed base option. The sturdy metal frame has silver corners with sprung wooden slats and you can choose any headboard to fit as it would normally onto any divan base. What’s more, it is available in a range of colour options including black, silver, bronze, cream and even blue and pink for the children’s bedrooms.

Find out more about the Swanglen multibed base


The most important benefit of metal bed frames is their lower cost. Although they are often cheaper than wooden frames, they can be a much better choice as they can be stylish, sophisticated and can improve the overall décor of any type of bedroom. If your home is particularly modern or contemporary, metal frames often feel more modern than wood.

The Swanglen Buxton Metal Headboard features a clean, contemporary design and is available in a range of colours and sizes including 3ft, 4ft, 4ft6, 5ft and 6ft and starts at just £99!

Find out more about the Swanglen Buxton Metal Headboard


Metal bed frames come in all kinds of different sizes with convenient raised edges to stop the mattress from moving. No matter how big or small your mattress may be, you’ll find a metal bed frame to support king, queen, double, twin and single sized mattresses. And if you are buying your children new beds, you’ll find that metal bed frames are available in lots of different colours which will appeal.

The London Metal Bedstead offers a versatile, minimalist design in a range of colours and finishes. It is available as a single, small double, standard double and king size.

Find out more about the London Metal Bedstead


Metal bed frames offer an array of different styles, from clean, simple lines to more stylish modern designs and more traditional, ornate designs.

The Sussex Traditional Metal Bedstead features a more traditional design and is available in seven different finishes including hammered silver, textured bronze, textured cream and black & silver. It’s available as a 3ft single bed, 4ft small double bed, 4ft6" double bed and 5ft king size bed.

Find out more about the Sussex Traditional Metal Bedstead

Swanglen Metal Beds

We stock a wide range of Swanglen Metal beds, bed frames and headboards. With designs that span from modern, contemporary through to traditional and a choice of eight different finishes and colours. The Swanglen Metal range is an ideal bed solution which is stylish, practical, hard wearing and very cost effective.

You can browse our range of Swanglen Metal products online or experience them for yourself in our showroom based in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire. Call us today for the best prices and to check availability for Christmas delivery.

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