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Beds and mattresses – explained!

Beds and mattresses – explained!

Do you know your divan set from your ottoman? Or your sprung edge from your platform top? Have no fear, and read on for a simple explanation.

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Beds Explained

Divan Set

A complete set, with a mattress on top of a matching bed base, with or without storage in the form of drawers, sliding doors or ottoman base.


Available as a full surround frame with headboard and optional high or low foot end. Mattress is usually bought separately.

Electric Bed

A mattress with adjustable often sprung slatted base, offering the option of head and foot end being raised to aid blood circulation. This can offer numerous sleeping positions. Also available with or without storage drawers.

Lift-Up Ottoman Bed

The whole bed frame and mattress can be lifted either sideways or from the end to reveal generous storage space underneath. Hydraulic lift options available to make lifting far easier.

Guest Bed

Divan style beds or bed frame, with a pull-out bed stored underneath, offering the option of another single bed, or often to be raised to the same height to form a larger double bed.

Platform Top Divan Base

The top of the divan base is solid and padded, to enhance mattress support and provide a firmer bed.

Sprung Edge Divan Base

Springs in the base offer a softer alternative feel to the bed, also increasing the longevity of the mattress.

Sprung Slatted Base

Curved beech slats used in a bedstead, often used in better quality bedsteads, which give a bit of spring to the base, as opposed to solid pine slats which are rigid.

Storage Options/Drawers

The enclosed base allows the use of drawers. Smooth running, side or end drawer options are available.

Mattresses Explained

Non-Turn Mattress

A true non-turn pocket sprung mattress will either have two or more layers of pocket springs, or a layer of latex or memory foam upon a layer of pockets springs – so it doesn’t need flipping over, just rotating as recommended by manufacturers in order to prevent settlement of the fillings.

Pocket Sprung Mattress

The most luxurious in feel, offering ideal body support and comfort. Each individual pocketed spring is individually wrapped inside its own material pocket, and so able to adjust independently to the spring next to it. They move individually as they compress and expand enabling them to adjust separately to your body shape and weight.

They only react to the weight that is applied directly to them. This ensures that each part of your body including your joints and spine are given the right support throughout the night and pressure points are relieved. The individual pockets work together to ensure there is no “roll together” effect. By eliminating this, pocket sprung mattresses can vastly improve you and your partner’s sleep.

Generally the higher the number of pocket springs, the better the quality of the mattress, but also the heavier the mattress, so a Non Turn pocket sprung mattress could be worth thinking about. NB The number of springs in a mattress, should refer to the number in a 5ft king size mattress.

Open Coil Mattress (or coil spring mattress)

A less expensive alternative to the pocket spring. The open springs are all hinged together, so when pressure is applied to one spring the springs surrounding it will react too. The firmness of the mattress is normally attributed to the gauge of the spring ie. the thickness of the steel used, the lower the gauge, the thicker the shell, the firmer the mattress.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam is temperature sensitive, so it reacts to body heat and will mould to your body’s shape to offer superior support. Unlike traditional foam, memory foam has been designed to return to its shape once pressure is no longer applied.

All of these advantages work together to keep your spine aligned whilst sleeping to ensure maximum comfort is always maintained. Memory foam mattresses are hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant so they will be ideal for those with asthma, or for those who suffer from allergies.

However, it is worth noting that memory foam mattresses can retain heat which can, for some individuals, lead to an uncomfortable night’s sleep, so with this in mind it is worth ensuring that your mattress has a heat regulating cover. Both pocket sprung and open coil mattresses can have a layer of memory foam sitting on top of the springs, offering a completely different feel.

Reflex Foam Mattress

Reflex foam has similar effects to memory foam: it will still mould to your body’s shape and it is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. But reflex foam is firmer than memory foam so you won’t find yourself sinking into it in the same manner. They also don’t react to body heat. Reflex foam mattresses are cheaper to manufacture, so they can provide an affordable alternative for those wanting a foam mattress.

Latex Foam Mattress

Latex has been around and used in mattresses for far longer than memory foam. It is able to mould to your body’s shape, so has the same advantages of memory foam, bit it doesn’t rely on heat to achieve this. The beauty of latex is that it reacts faster than memory foam, so if you are a restless sleeper this will provide better support throughout the night. Latex is a natural breathable material, unlike man made memory foam.

Orthopaedic Mattress

A very over-used term! An orthopaedic mattress just infers that the mattress is of a firm tension. It can be a pocket sprung or open coil mattress.

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