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An extra hour in bed this weekend!

An extra hour in bed this weekend!

Remember that this Sunday, October 29th, British Summer Time (BST) ends and the clocks need to be put back by one hour to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

At 2am in the morning, the clocks fall back to 1am and you will gain an extra hour in bed on Sunday morning!

Unfortunately, if you are out late on Saturday night, that doesn't mean you'll get an extra hour in the pub or nightclub as most establishments don't update their clocks until they close!

So why do we change the clocks twice a year?

The idea behind changing the clocks is that we get to enjoy more daylight. The amount of daylight hours actually doubles over the course of a year. In June, we enjoy a maximum of 16 hours and 50 minutes of sunlight on the longest day, but this reduces to just seven hours and 40 minutes in December!

Changing the time on our clocks, means that it is lighter in the mornings and we can take advantage of that extra daylight. The tradeoff of course is that it gets dark earlier in the evenings.

The idea of changing the clocks was first proposed in 1907 by William Willett, a keen golfer frustrated about having games cut short by nightfall. He published a pamphlet titled "A Waste of Daylight" which advised people to get up earlier to take advantage of the light in the mornings.

He never achieved the change, but in 1916 Germany introduced daylight saving during World War 1. Britain quickly followed suit in order to save coal, which was vital for the war effort.

Most countries in Europe still follow the tradition to this day, except Iceland, Belarus and Russia who are the only countries to opt out of daylight saving.

When do the clocks go forward again?

You will need to change your clocks and put them forward again on the last Sunday of next March at 1am, which means you'll lose an hour in bed. This is designed to make better use of the long sunlight hours during the summer months.

So, remember to change your clocks on Sunday and enjoy that extra hour in bed!

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