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Tailor made beds and mattresses from Harrison

Tailor made beds and mattresses from Harrison

Bed-e-Buys is one of only a select few Harrison Beds Bed Experts, authorised to offer the range of high quality Harrison Beds and Mattresses. So, what makes Harrison’s beds and mattresses so special and why do we recommend them as among the best bed buys you can make?

Harrison believe in tailoring their beds to the individual needs of their customers. Everyone is different and has different requirements from their bed, so Harrison offers three different ranges, all containing the highest quality natural fillings and innovative spring technology that offers you the best possible support whilst you sleep.

Seasonal Turn Mattresses

Harrison offer Seasonal Turn Mattresses that are so called because you can turn the mattress to adjust it for the season in which your sleeping. One side of a Harrison Seasonal Turn mattress has ‘Cool for Summer’ cotton blends, whilst the other side features ‘Warm for Winter’ wool blends. All you need do is turn the mattress for the season you’re in to ensure the right temperature for the time of year!

Turn Free Mattresses

If you don’t fancy the idea of turning your mattress to adjust for the season, then the range of Harrison Turn Free Mattresses will appeal. Each Turn Free Mattress offers all the support you need, but is ideal for those with back problems or who have difficulty lifting as there is no need to turn it.

Pillow Top Mattresses

If you are feeling particularly indulgent and really value a luxurious sleeping experience, Harrison also offer their Pillow Top Mattresses which feature a layer of miniature springs in the in-built mattress topper which provides unrivalled comfort and support for the discerning sleeper!

Three different levels of support

Once you have made the decision as to what type of Harrison mattress that you require, you can then choose from three different levels of support. A good posture is essential to getting good night’s sleep, so your spine should always be aligned when you are standing awake or lying asleep. Harrison offer three different support levels to achieve this: gently supportive, medium support and firm support.

Each Harrison mattress can be adjusted using their Revolution spring system to provide the right support for you. And if you’re concerned that your partner requires a different level of support to you, they can even tailor each side of the same mattress to a different level of firmness.

A Harrison bed fits in to your bedroom

Once you have selected the type and the firmness of your Harrison mattress, you can then choose from a wide range of colours, bed frames and headboards to achieve the perfect bed for you.

This attention to detail, the use of natural materials and employing sustainable manufacturing techniques sets Harrison at the very top of the bed and mattress manufacturers. It’s no wonder they hold a Queens Award for Innovation and are synonymous with hand-made, luxury pocket-spring mattresses.

Harrison Beds and Mattresses at Bed-e-Buys

To experience the range of Harrison’s Beds and Mattresses, visit our showroom in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, where we’ll be happy to demonstrate the different models available to tailor your sleep experience, and you can browse the range online.

A digital detox may help you get more sleep

A digital detox may help you get more sleep

Did you know that we now sleep an average hour and a half less every night than we used to just 50 years ago? Adults used to have around eight to nine hours sleep every night, but nowadays, the average adult doesn’t even get seven hours sleep. Nearly a third of adults get even less than that with just six hours sleep per night.

Not getting enough sleep can cause all kinds of problems including being less alert, finding it hard to make decisions, putting on weight and even increased blood pressure and other health issues.

Whilst there is no one reason why we get less sleep than we used to, one of the key reasons seems to be our increasing reliance on gadgets like our phones and tablets. It’s not so much their increased use per se, but rather the use of gadgets just before trying to go to sleep.

There are lots of reasons why using a gadget just before bed can stop us sleeping.

If you check your phone just before bed, it can lead to you thinking about the email you’ve just read or the alert you’ve just received rather than relaxing.

Your mobile phone emits a signal that can disrupt our alpha brainwaves, which are a crucial part of the sleep process.

The screen on your tablet and mobile emits blue light, a specific kind of light that occurs naturally in sunlight. Unfortunately, your brain is fooled by this blue light into thinking it is experiencing daylight and tries to keep us awake.

Normally as the sun goes down, your body starts releasing melatonin which is a hormone that reduces alertness and helps you prepare to fall asleep. Blue light from your phone also reduces the release of this, making you less likely to fall asleep.

So how can we improve our sleep?

Don’t panic, no one is suggesting that you ditch your mobile or dump your tablet. But to get a good night’s sleep it seems that you should stop using your devices around an hour or hour and a half before you plan on going to bed.

That way, your body has time to relax and switch off, your exposure to blue light is reduced and your brain and body can prepare for sleep by releasing melatonin and making you naturally drowsy.

Here’s our top tips for a digital detox before bed:

Stop using your phone or tablet at least an hour before going to sleep. Replying to a social post or email just before beds keeps your brain engaged and wakes you up

  • Invest in a traditional alarm clock and stop using the phone as a clock
  • Cut down the amount of time spent reading the screen as this can help reduce eye starin and tired eyes, making you sleep more comfortably
  • Don’t take your phone to the bedroom as the alerts, notifications and messages it receives can disturb your sleep
  • If you are going to read before bed, read a traditional paper book rather than a kindle, tablet or phone
  • Don’t be tempted to charge your phone in the bedroom, so it’s out of reach when notifications come through.
  • It goes without saying to make sure you’ve got a comfortable bed and your mattress is less than seven years old!

So take a nightly digital detox – your body will thank you for it when you wake up more refreshed and rested, getting the best night’s sleep you can. Sweet dreams!

Churchfield Sofa Beds

Churchfield Sofa Beds

With Christmas just around the corner, now would be a good time to think about investing in a new sofa bed for your visiting family and friends this festive season. Sofa beds are a great solution for putting up visitors as your spare room or sitting room can be both a reception room and a bedroom at the same time!

We recommend Churchfield Sofa Beds. Hand made by British craftsmen, the Churchfield brand represents the very highest quality of workmanship and build quality. All Churchfield Sofa Beds are rigorously tested and comply with the extremely stringent British Standard fire retardancy regulations.

Richmond Sofa Bed

The Richmond is simply a great looking modern style Sofa Bed. Available in 15 different fabrics or 4 faux-leather colours, this sofa bed will complement any living space and transforms simply into a bed with a 2" foam mattress on a trampoline base.

Winchester Sofa Bed

The Winchester Sofa Bed from Churchfields is a modern sofa with gorgeous scrolled arms and curvy back. The Winchester 2 Seater Sofa Bed brings both great comfort and great style together with all of the practicality of being a comfy bed too!

The Winchester Sofa Bed features foam filled seat cushions with fully-piped covers and is supplied with a 2" foam mattress on a trampoline base. Available in a range of 15 different fabrics and colours or in several faux-leather finishes too.

Leon Sofa Bed or Chair Bed

If you’re looking for something slightly more contemporary, then the Leon Sofa Bed from Churchfields is a great choice. The Leon Sofa Bed is great for smaller rooms where space is at a premium as it is specifically designed with no arms to fit into the smallest of gaps. The Leon Sofa Bed is also available as a chair bed if space is really limited or you only need a single-bed solution.

Supplied with a 15 cm sprung mattress and cover that can be removed and dry cleaned, the Leon Sofa Bed is available in a choice of 15 different colours and fabrics – including faux-leather, so it’s sure to fit in with your décor.

These are just a few picks from our range of Churchfield Sofa Beds which includes sofa beds, chair beds and even chaise-longue beds. You can view the range online or give us a call on 01992 467345 to discuss your sofa bed needs.

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Flintshire Furniture

Flintshire Furniture

Experts in the field of wooden furniture, Flintshire Furniture design and manufacture a range of beds and bed frames in oak and hardwoods. The company believes in producing only sustainable products and utilise an environmentally friendly approach to making their furniture.

We stock a range of Flintshire Furniture products, from bedsteads to bed frames and ottoman to guest beds. Here are just a few of our favourites, but you can browse the full range online.

Aston Solid Oak Bedstead

The Aston Solid Oak Bedstead from Flintshire Furniture features a clean, contemporary finish and complements any bedroom environment. It is available in a range of sizes from a 3ft single bed, 4ft6” double bed, a 5ft King size and even a 6ft Super King size. You can even add optional under-bed drawers to maximise your storage space and matching bedside cabinets are available to complete the look.

Pentre Oak Ottoman Bedstead

Whether it's the country look or the modern feel, the Flintshire Furniture Pentre Ottoman Bedstead is sure to enhance the look of any bedroom. The Pentre Ottoman Bedstead is made from solid hardwood and finished in an oak or white finish. The Bedstead feels reassuringly sturdy and features an easy action lift up system to access the under-mattress storage area. Beautifully finished and practical, the Pentre Oak Ottoman Bedstead is available as a 4ft6” double bed, or 5ft King size bed. A matching bedside cabinet is also available to complete the look.

Taylor High Sleeper Bed

The Taylor High Sleeper or Cabin Bed is a great quality high sleeper workstation with a sleek, robust modern look. It maximises storage space and includes storage steps and a fold out desk/dressing table. The Taylor High Sleeper is a great, fun addition to any modern child's bedroom and is available in Oak or White finishes.

This is just a few highlights from our Flintshire Furniture range. Check out the Flintshire Furniture section on our website, call in to our Hertfordshire showroom or buy now online.

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The importance of a good bed

The importance of a good bed

Did you know that you spend around one third of your life in bed asleep? For the average person that means you’ve spent around 16 years in bed by the time you reach the age of fifty!

As something that we all spend a great deal of time doing, we don’t tend to give it much thought or attention. Think of it like this – if you play golf, there’s a good chance that you’ve spent hundreds, maybe thousands on a set of clubs. Maybe you enjoy cooking and you’ve treated yourself to a set of knives worth hundreds. Yet we don’t spend nearly as much time on our hobbies as we do sleeping, but we do spend much more money on them than we do a bed or a mattress.

Why a good night’s rest is so important

Good sleep is so important for your well being and is now widely recognised as being a very important contributor to good mental and physical health.

The average adult needs around 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. And it has been shown that getting a good night’s sleep improves your mood and your ability to think clearly, improving all aspects of your waking life.

Conversely, a lack of sleep or poor quality sleep has been shown to contribute to feeling down or depressed, having poor concentration, high blood pressure and even heart disease. In fact, an Australian study showed that not getting enough sleep for a period of two week has the same effects as if you had gone without sleep for 3 days straight!

The five most common reasons for not getting a good night’s sleep are:

  • Constant tossing and turning in your sleep
  • A lack of support from your mattress
  • Back pain whilst in bed
  • Getting too hot while you sleep
  • Your partner moving around and disturbing you

Nearly all of these problems can be attributed to a poor bed or mattress. If you’re constantly moving around in bed, this is most often because your bed is no longer comfortable. If you ache or feel unsupported, this is most likely because either your bed base or frame is broken or your mattress is too old and is sagging. And if your partner is disturbing you or you’re getting too hot this may be because your bed is too small. Although double beds are still the best selling size, a queen or king-size bed is the best size for two people to share.

What to look for in a new bed

There has never been a better time to buy a new bed or to replace your mattress. There is a huge range of choice to suit every budget. Manufacturers are producing ever more innovative sleep technologies like open coil mattresses, memory foam mattresses, latex foam mattresses and pocket-sprung mattresses with the ability to customise support and tensions – there’s no excuse for poor sleep!

When buying a bed there are a number of things to consider:

Before you choose a bed, decide on what are your priorities. This may be price, the storage options available, the type of mattress or perhaps a particular health concern such as a bad back.

Buy the best mattress for support and comfort for you and your partner’s weight and build – a firm mattress is not always the most appropriate choice.

Remember that a bed is both a base and a mattress working together. You may want a divan for storage or prefer a bed frame to suit your other bedroom furniture. Whatever you choose, the mattress needs to work together with it.

You will always sleep better in a bigger bed. We’d recommend going for a larger sized bed wherever space in your bedroom allows. A queen or king-size bed means you are less likely to disturb your partner when asleep.

Finally, you do get what you pay for. The too-good-to-be-true price that you see at the discounters may be appealing, but going back to our golfing and cooking examples, you should spend an appropriate amount on a bed for the amount of time you use it. You play golf maybe once a week. You sleep every night!

Bed-e-buys are sleep experts and can help you to choose the best bed or mattress for your needs. Browse our website for the huge range that we offer and visit our showroom in Hoddesdon to try before you buy. Whatever you do, you can rest assured that our price promise means that we’ll always offer the best possible price and service.

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5 benefits of a good night’s sleep

5 benefits of a good night’s sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to your good health and well-being. Good sleep makes you feel better, but it provides much more than just putting you in a better mood or getting rid of those eye-bags!